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Church Stretton
Church Stretton Layout

Since the group’s formation its members have built a model of Church Stretton railway station. This much-admired model is a popular attraction at the group’s annual model railway exhibition and other occasions in the town including Society open days and the annual Heritage Open Days when members of the local community can see at first hand how an important piece of Church Stretton’s history functioned and would have appeared in the 1950s.

The model has inspired a number of local people to join the group and participate in its activities. The model has become something of an ambassador for Church Stretton, having been exhibited at a number of venues in Shropshire where it has been received with acclaim. It is anticipated that invitations to take the model to other exhibitions near and wide will arise.

Church Stretton Layout

Following the highly acclaimed Church Stretton 00 gauge model railway layout that has been exhibited on numerous occasions in the town, as well as at Craven Arms, Ludlow and Telford, the Society has made considerable progress on its latest project. Entitled Woodlands the new exhibition layout is also 00 gauge and is an imaginary south London location during the pre-World War II era.

In contrast to the large Church Stretton model, it is built on four baseboards plus a transverse (sliding) fiddle yard extending to 14 feet in length. This fits conveniently into the Society’s meeting room at the Silvester Horne Institute in Church Stretton and is designed to be easily portable in cars rather than a van for travelling to model railway shows. It also only requires two operators.

Woodlands comprises three operating forms of transport – The Southern Railway, London Underground and street tram services. The layout has two levels. The lower level comprises the overground and underground tracks, platforms and shared art-deco style station familiar to London rail travellers back in the ‘thirties and still in use today. The upper level has a London street scene with tram tracks running down the road.

The picture above shows the layout in its very early stages. We have now virtually completed it, and it will be on display at our forthcoming April Exhibition. Do come along and see it!

The members of the Society would like to extend their grateful thanks to the Stretton Focus Community Awards Scheme for the donation to support the project. It helped to fund the materials for the important first stage comprising the baseboards and track.